Dear Friend,

At YSB I know there is a better way to live than hustling away at some 9-5, away from your family, home, and hobbies. You deserve to live differently. You CAN run your dream business. You CAN have the financial security to support your family, feel secure, take time off, and live each day loving your life.

Your dream is possible. You should know that.

Building your business is hard work. But as cliche as it sounds, you were made to do hard things and I believe in you. Your struggles don't define you. It's how you face them and get past them that makes you who you are. And girl, you are AMAZING and you are meant to do BIG things. I see that and I know you see that even if it's hard to right now. You've got this! Now go change your life and this world with the amazing and beautiful business of yours!

Best wishes,



Let's Get You There